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FLV Video Players

FLV Video Players

FLV Videos can handle the obvious .flv format, .mov encoded with the H.264 codec and mp4. It is important to note that having your .mov, mpeg videos encoded with H.264 is extremely important. Most people though convert videos to .flv as the video seems to stream faster and is smaller in size thus speeding up downloading. None of thee FLV players need Adobe Live Server, it’s expensive and you don’t need it. Let’s take a look at some of our FLV Video Players

What Is FLV?

FLV format is a binary file format that converts to bitmapped video ideal for large video conversion. You can create flv videos within flash or use 3rd party software to make your conversion.


1. FLV Video Player

Website: View FLV Video Player

This FLV Video player uses XML to modify the amount of videos being shown, thumbnails of the video, duration, and the actual flv videos. No need for Adobe Live Server, just host (upload) your FLV videos to your regular host and you are set. So what is XML? XML stands for Extensible Markup Language that just simply means you control the website through an external text file.


2. FLV Power Player

Website: View FLV Video Player

Very popular FLV player because of it’s cool black sleek design. So why use FLV videos instead of raw video? The reason is simple, a 120 MB video file can be converted to only 10 MB. This type of conversion is a must for watching video online. Sound quality is still good as FLV Video can encode using stereo sound, mono is an option if you want an even smaller size.


3. FLV Video Player High Definition

Website: View FLV Video HD

This FLV Video Player demo plays .mov movies encoded with H.264 but can be converted to FLV using free software. Visit DVDVideoSoft.com and download the free FLV Converter: FREE FLV Converter


FLV: Final Thoughts

We like to stress that FLV format is for delivering video on the web, using AVI video is not a great idea because it is simply too big of a file size. Converting from AVI to FLV does not decrease the quality of video size or sound (this really depends on the conversion software you have) If you have .mov video files and wish to convert to FLV for you video players, we recommend using Quicktime PRO

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